In the Indian state of Bihar, Patna is home to the R P Sharma Institute of Technology. RPSIT was founded in 1980 and is a private institution. The AICTE has accredited the college.

The R P Sharma Institute of Technology offers 15 programmes in the Engineering and Management streams. B.Tech, MBA, and diploma are some of the popular degrees provided by R P Sharma Institute of Technology. The R P Sharma Institute of Technology is a pioneer in both research and innovation in addition to having a strong teaching methodology. At R P Sharma Institute of Technology, emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities, national and international cooperation, extracurricular activities, and infrastructure. R P Sharma Institute of Technology offers a variety of placement opportunities, including employment in the private, public, and entrepreneurial sectors.

Course & Fees

Top Courses at RPSIT in Patna & Fees

B.Tech10 Courses

Annual Fee₹ 85,000


MBA3 Courses

Annual Fee₹ 25,000


Diploma2 Courses

Annual Fee₹ 30,000



Courses & Fee Structure for RPSIT Patna




B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology)

85,000 (Annually)

2 - 4 Years

M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)

25,000 (Annually)

2 Years


30,000 (Annually)

3 Years


RPSIT Patna's Top Courses Fee Schedule

B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) tuition at RPSIT Patna costs 85,000 per year.

Fees for the M.B.A. programme at RPSIT Patna are Rs. 25,000 year.

The annual price for a diploma at RPSIT Patna is $30,000.

Popular Courses at RPSIT Patna with Prices

15 courses are available at R P Sharma Institute of Technology. Candidates can review the main courses that R P Sharma Institute of Technology offers, along with the cost and length of each programme.


The cost of a B.Tech. in civil engineering at RPSIT Patna is 85,000 None.

85,000 None is the cost of the RPSIT Patna B.Tech. in Civil Engineering (Lateral Entry).

The cost of the B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering at RPSIT Patna is 85,000 None.

The MBA in Finance tuition at RPSIT Patna is 25,000 None.

The MBA in Human Resource programme at RPSIT Patna costs 25,000 None.

MBA in Marketing tuition at RPSIT Patna is $25,000 None.

The cost of the Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical at RPSIT Patna is 30,000 None.

The cost of the RPSIT Patna Polytechnic Diploma in Civil is 30,000 None.

RPSIT Patna offers 15 courses.

B.Tech \sMBA \sDiploma


Admission to RPSIT Patna's B.Tech.

Physics and mathematics must have been required topics in the I.Sc. or +2 or its equivalent examination from a recognised Council or Board, together with one of the following disciplines.



Biology Computer Science

RPSIT Patna Admission to MBA

The student must have earned a degree from an accredited university.

Admission to RPSIT Patna Diploma

A recognised Board's 10th or Matriculation exam, or its equivalent, must have been passed by the candidates.




RPSIT Placements in Patna

Experience with Placements: In this college, the Training and Placement Cell was established in January 1997. This Cell is led by the Placement Officer, with assistance from student representatives from each department. The unit is operating with the full backing of the institution's principal and every other member of the faculty. Students from this Institute are hired by top Indian and international businesses and advance to distinguished positions.

Poor placement experience, since just 4 to 5% of candidates get hired and receive average compensation. This may be due to the city's lack of employment opportunities. Well, tests are severe these days, but my college forces everyone to pass, especially a kid who doesn't even attend class, who still receives high grades. Consequently, the exam's format is fairly straightforward. Additionally, the lab facility is not very advanced—it only has a lab.

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