Online BBA Finance and Marketing: Course Details, Fee & Eligibility

Online BBA Finance and Marketing Admission: A BBA in Marketing and Finance course furnishes future lenders with an exhaustive comprehension of stocks and securities, homegrown money issues, global money issues, and cash risk.


Students learn how to foresee and make predictions regarding insurance and investments through this program. This three-year Bachelor of Business Administration program in marketing and finance is available online.

A Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing and Finance is an undergraduate finance course. There is a lot of complexity involved in marketing finance in terms of collating, calculating, and analyzing data, and there are many KPIs, metrics, and measurements involved. 

With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance, business and government decision-makers, as well as financial managers, can learn about currency risks, bond and stock issuance, debt incurring and repayment, and other aspects of international and domestic finance. 

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Online BBA Finance and Marketing Admissions in India

  1. Online BBA Finance and Marketing course is a well-structured program with business strategic and marketing techniques for bachelor's degree studies. Admission for the course is all offered online mode of the university. 
  2. There are various syllabus patterns for students who want to opt for the Online BBA Finance course. The academic study for the online mode varies from university to university. 
  3. As part of the admission intake, the students will receive details regarding the course syllabus that is recognized as a learning management system, as well as details regarding their course learning and faculty assistance.
  4. If you are considering enrolling or applying to a course, make sure that you check the fees and all other details that relate to the course and the university you are considering.


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Quick Facts on Online BBA Finance and Marketing 

  1. Students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of diverse subjects such as Marketing and Finance will benefit from the course.
  2. The position is open to candidates with a broad understanding of the business environment, organizational design, and behaviour.
  3. As a business professional, you should have a solid understanding of marketing, financial management, the social responsibilities of businesses, business ethics, and laws governing businesses.
  4. It will help graduates to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


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Online BBA Finance and Marketing Eligibility Criteria

  1. In order to qualify for this program, the applicant must have completed his or her 10+2 studies at a recognized institution. 
  2. For the application to be considered, students must have obtained a minimum of 55% in their 10+2 class exam.
  3. As part of the 10+2 curriculum, English should be the core subject in order to improve communication abilities.

Online BBA Finance and Marketing Fee Structure 

BBA Marketing and Finance Online Education courses typically cost between Rs 15,000 and INR 77500 per year. The admission procedure, fee, and registration amount can be different from one university to another. The fee can be changed accordingly. 

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