Students must wait a few more days before applying to BHU's graduating programme. Universities have begun planning for counselling as a result of NTA's findings announcement. The start date of the admissions procedure has not yet been made in stone. After Diwali, there will probably be a counselling session.


For the semester 2022–2023, the NTA administered the Common University Entrance Tests (CUET) for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions into central universities, including BHU.

Following the release of UG results, BHU conducted online registration between September 20, 2022, and October 3, 2022.

It was prolonged till October 8, 2022 for the sake of the pupils. After 10 days, the appointment date has not been set. The greatest difficulty is faced by pupils whoapplied to programs other than BHU.

The merit list is made at faculty and department level. Examiner Prof. SK Upadhyay says that at present the merit list is being prepared at the faculty, and department level. Until the merit list is prepared, nothing can be said about the date of counselling. The students kept visiting the admission portal. There will be information in time.

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