Benefits and Scope of Pursuing the Executive MBA course

An Executive MBA course in Financial Markets is a smart choice for mid and senior working professionals, as well as post-graduate students looking to upskill. The scope of the course is as wide as a traditional MBA. It holds the same value and acceptance pan India. It is an advanced degree that imparts knowledge about the management of securities in the financial market. Adding this degree to your portfolio will open up higher career opportunities.


Scope of the Program

As mentioned, the scope of an Executive MBA program is equal to a traditional MBA. It is accepted as a solid credential proving that an individual is qualified to perform advanced managerial tasks skillfully. An Executive MBA in Financial Markets will help you fast-track your career and get senior financial roles at the job you are presently working or shift to a better position in a different job. Some of the top positions that will be open to you, depending on your years of experience, after completing your Executive MBA program in Financial Markets are investment analyst, portfolio manager, mutual funds manager, a chief financial officer with specialization in live trading strategies, commercial banker, business analyst, etc. 


The Benefits of pursuing the Executive MBA program in Finance are;

  1. You will gain a credential that will enhance your resume as the NSE Academy and GNIMS enable an opportunity to acquire 12 certificates with one special joint certificate.
  2. The Executive MBA in Financial Markets is a hybrid course and offers flexibility to working professionals and students, who have other full-time classes, to attend classes on weekends and in the evening. It offers unique features like remote access, computer-based assignments, and flexible exam schedules. This means that working professionals can maintain a highly demanding job while pursuing this course.
  3. The course will add value to you as a professional and become an asset to your organization because now you have specialized knowledge of financial markets and the methods of security trading. It will also increase your insight into the workings of commercial banks and non-banking financial companies. This enhances your overall expertise in the field of Finance.
  4. While pursuing this course your career is moving in an upward direction making you a strong candidate for promotion. Pursuing an advanced course while working and meeting job targets shows that you are a highly dedicated individual willing to upgrade your skills.
  5. An Executive MBA in Financial Markets program gives you practical online trading experience using NSE Academy’s special software called NAL in the final term. This helps students gain real-time learning exposure.
  6. The program also includes on-campus training at GNIMS as well as NSE Academy, providing students with a unique opportunity to interact with real-life professionals and experts.


Types of MBA 

MBA in Marketing



The Executive MBA program in Financial Markets provides a flexible value option for working professionals to fast-track their careers. The length of time of the program and fee structure depends on the institution providing the program. It is custom-made to adjust with a working day schedule. So classes are held in the evenings and on weekends. The program helps to upskill into advanced financial management positions. It adds a solid credential to your resume and shows dedication and eagerness to climb the corporate ladder.


  • What is the duration of an Executive MBA in Financial Markets?

The duration depends on the institution. A course in Executive MBA in Financial Markets from GNIMS and NSE Academy is 15-18 months long with flexible schedules with the option of a weekend program.

  • What are the eligibility requirements for an Executive MBA in Financial Markets?

The eligibility requirement is 50% marks in graduation from any UGC-approved University. The student should have completed graduation or an equivalent 10+2+3 from a recognized University/Institute.

  • What is the fee structure of an Executive MBA in Financial Markets

The fee of the course is INR 1,71,000/- inclusive of taxes. The option of payment in instalments is also available.

  • What is the admission process for an Executive MBA in Financial Markets?

Participants can enroll by filling GNIMS & NSE Academy Executive MBA in Financial Markets form online and completing other formalities mentioned on the gyaneager website. You can register more effortlessly for this sought-after program.

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