Located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Manipal University Online is a private university. Online courses are available in the management and information technology fields. Both the NAAC and the UGC have accredited the university.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in BBA and BCA, are offered by Manipal University Online, Jaipur. Manipal University Online, Jaipur provides its students with a flexible learning environment by offering online sessions around-the-clock.

On the Government of Rajasthan's invitation, MEMG founded Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) as a self-supporting State University in Rajasthan in 2011. Students can pick courses at all academic levels at this multidisciplinary institution, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes, in subjects including management, computer-based applications, architecture, planning, fine arts, hospitality, humanities, journalism, and mass communication.

When MUJ received approval to offer online degree programmes (MBA, MCA, BBA, and BCA), a new chapter was opened last year. The first cohort will begin studies in April 2021. The institution will also start offering online Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Business in December 2021.

Following graduation, Manipal University, Jaipur MCA students have been hired by a number of reputable firms, including Amazon, American Express, Accenture, Axis Bank, Dell, Girnar Soft, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank, and Philips India.

MUJ grants scholarships every year to a variety of applicants. With a faculty of inspiring changemakers, distinguished alumni who have made a global impact, and world-class facilities, the university has developed into a global powerhouse.

Course & Fees

Undergraduate and graduate degrees in management, commerce, computer application, science, and technology are offered by Manipal University Online, Jaipur.

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) semester fees total INR 1,20,000 INR.
  • An MBA (Master of Business Administration) costs INR 1,50,000 INR in total for each semester.
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) semester fees total INR 1,20,000 INR.
  • MCA (Masters of Computer Application) semester fees are INR 1,50,000 INR.
  • B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) semester costs are INR 80,000 INR.
  • The M.Com (Master of Commerce) program's total semester costs INR 1,000,000 INR.
  • The Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC) has total semester costs of INR 1,30,000 INR.
  • The PGCP in Cloud Computing's total semester costs are INR 1,50,000 INR.

Online Application Procedure for Manipal University 2022

  • If you are an international student applying to any programme:

Students with foreign degrees must possess the graduate degree certificate of equivalency provided by the Association of Indian Universities in order to apply to any university in India.

The online degree programmes offered by MUJ are open to international students and professionals who are not Indian citizens, possess NRE or PIO status, live outside of India, or who hold NRE and PIO status while living outside of India.

For each of their degrees, they will each be charged an overseas fee, and as part of the application process, they might be asked to provide information like a CV, address verification, a valid visa, a PR card, and a copy of their passport.

  • The application form for every course is available online at Manipal University Online, Jaipur.
  • Candidates for the PGP in cloud computing programme need to have prior experience in the pertinent field. Both of them need to be degree holders in cloud development.
  • Manipal University Online bases admission to its MBA and MBA+ programmes on results from the GMAT, MAT, CAT, XAT, and CMAT entrance exams.
  • A strong grade in class 12 or a diploma are requirements for admission to BJMC and BCA. Final approval is decided after university-based discussion.

Documents Required

To be eligible for an interview, all applicants must present the following documentation to their consultation and interview. These documents must be brought, else their selection could be revoked.

Students from India:

  • Class 10 grade report and diploma.
  • Class 12 grade report and diploma.
  • Graduation grade reports.
  • Graduation Certificate.
  • Certificate for Category.
  • The entrance exam score report.
  • certificate of residence or any other certificate relating to education or extracurricular activities.
  • The application form should be printed.
  • Demand draughts or checks are used for admission fees.

Students from abroad:

  • CV
  • The Address Is
  • I.D. card
  • Passport
  • Graduation Certificates






Students from many regions of the nation make up the MUJ student body. The institution offers its students the ability to participate in multidisciplinary technical projects that aid in their development of the knowledge and skills needed by the industry.

Industry partnerships include those between DELL, Secure Meter, Bosch, CDAC, EMC2 for Big Data & Cloud Computing, Dassault Systems, and EDS Technologies for CATIA V5 or V6, as well as DKOP Labs Pvt. Ltd., Forsk Technologies, Intel Association for IoT, NVIDIA Computing Research Lab, PRIA International Academy, Siemens PLC Excellence Centre, and Microsoft IT Academy. among others, research labs from IBM and Cisco.

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