Comparing the top three online MBA programmes in India

We're here to provide information on the online MBA programmes offered in India. We will compare and discuss the universities and colleges that offer online MBA programmes, which is crucial. Do not risk missing out on the important topics we will cover in this section.


Online courses can be taken to earn an MBA or Master of Business Administration. The classes will be held online because the 2-year postgraduate professional degree is being offered online. In an MBA online course, candidates can hone their management skills, enhancing their chances of being hired for top management positions and sharpening their business sense for potential entrepreneurship. You'll gain knowledge on managing the accounting, financing, and finances of a company or your own venture.

An online MBA in India is a terrific career choice for individuals who do not want to or are unable to enrol in a traditional full-time MBA programme for a variety of reasons. Numerous factors contribute to this, including the fact that some students struggle financially and cannot pay the expensive tuition fees for some universities' MBA programmes.

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A specially designed online MBA programme for candidates who are currently working professionals and want to advance their careers in order to obtain better employment prospects in prestigious businesses is also beneficial, in my opinion.

We have identified the three top universities in India, which typically offer the best online MBA programmes, to compare these online MBA programmes. Therefore, we will list all the information about these Universities so that you may compare their online MBA programmes and choose where to pursue your future. Thus, candidates can choose from a variety of specialisations at these top three online MBA programmes in India.

Top three institutions offering an MBA through distance learning

Now, let's look at the fundamental details regarding these Top Three Online MBA Universities.

  1. Amity Online
  2. NMIMS Online
  3. LPU Online

Online MBA Programmes at Amity University Online

Amity University has been a leading institute of higher learning in India since 2005. Amity University Online has received approval from the UGC, or University Grants Commission. Additionally, NAAC gave it an A+ rating as confirmation. For its online programmes, UGC-DEB has provided institutional recognition.

The online MBA programme is one of Amity University's most popular offerings. Through its own learning site, it provides students with a flexible study environment by using recorded lectures that may be seen at any time, from any location, and at the students' own speed.

Amity University offers a variety of specialities. The industry-focused curriculum was painstakingly developed by prominent educators and industry leaders. The university offers a distinctive online career platform to assist with job placement.

The approvals and recognition are the most crucial topics to cover while discussing an online MBA programme, and Amity University Online has received both from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and other National Ranking Councils of India, including AICTE and NAAC.

Candidates may use the Amity University Online MBA Programmes facilities.

Faculty: You will be taught by prominent experts from around the world. These educators expose their students to various cultures thanks to their expertise in the field. Live question-and-answer sessions and in-person discussions with business experts are frequently scheduled.

Webinars: Regularly scheduled expert webinars with well-known business figures, SUCCESS SUNDAY, virtual job fairs, etc., help to keep students interested in their education. The live lectures, seminars, and presentations employ a business-focused technique to prepare the students for professions.

Assistance with Placement: The college helps students create their professional profiles by utilising real-world projects. Amity provides extensive career services as well as live virtual job fairs through its online career portal. Students will also have access to committed career coaches who will help them through the entire hiring process.

LMS: Amity University provides a strong learning management system (LMS) in addition to the flipped learning approach to maximise learning outcomes. Amity's Web Proctored Mode gives students maximum freedom, allowing them to take tests from any place. There are live Q&A sessions and live conversations with business professionals available.

Amity aspires to provide you with good value in its fee structure. The cost of the online MBA programme at Amity University is really affordable. The entire cost of the two-year online MBA programme at Amity is INR 2,64,000 in programme fees. The total amount due will only be INR 2,55,000 if you make a single payment.

Specializations Offered by Amity Online's Online MBA Program

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. HR Analytics
  3. Data Science
  4. Business Analytics
  5. Digital Entrepreneurship

Online MBA Programmes at NMIMS

NMIMS University has gained its reputation in addition to being well-known by providing all of its applicants with a top-notch education. In 2003, the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, which was established in 1981, was given the designation of Deemed-to-be University.

The main online learning organisation for the twenty-first and twenty-first centuries is NMIMS Global Access School and Continuing Education, or NGASCE. The university considered the demands of the students when creating its online learning platform in this age of everything going online and advanced technology.

Count on NMIMS's distinguishing qualities, which make it the best university for all applicants, including professionals who are currently employed. All of the university's applicants are eligible for access to online MBA programmes.

Candidates can use the NMIMS Online MBA Program's facilities.

Webinars: To introduce its students to the business world and how it actually functions, the college frequently hosts on-time webinars. where they have their future and are faced with them using the most recent technologies.

Learning Management System (LMS): An LMS is a tool that makes the entire online learning process excellent, amazing, and fantastic. This panel will discuss various e-learning tools, such as e-books, live lectures, recorded lectures on video, an online library, etc.

Placement Assistance: NMIMS works hard to fulfil its commitments and does so quickly. It helps students prepare for interviews through its placement assistance programme by enhancing their skills and connecting them with Almaconnect, a network of alumni who may assist them in finding a variety of job opportunities in India and overseas.

Fee Structure: NMIMS is a well-known name in the field of management education. On the other side, it provides an online MBA degree that is quite reasonably priced. The entire cost of the online MBA programme at NMIMS is INR 1,44,000.

Available Specializations in Online MBA Programmes

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Banking & Finance Management
  • International Trade Management
  • Retail Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Management

Lovely Online MBA Programmes at Professional University

Lovely Professional University is one of the most well-known institutes in India (LPU). Since integrating into the online education system, LPU has advanced significantly. It has raised itself to the top colleges and set new standards for providing online education.

LPU is acknowledged by both the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB), and it also possesses many other highly relevant accreditations. It is also one of the top colleges in India, according to the NIRF and Outlook rankings.

Every online learner at LPU receives a thorough, trustworthy degree. It provides internships, job placements, and other sorts of professional support to help its students advance in their professions. LPU stands out as one of the best institutions for obtaining an online MBA due to its top-notch staff and curriculum.

Candidates can use the LPU Online facility.

Faculty: The devoted team of in-house academics who provide lessons and video-recorded lectures through LPU Online while teaching the most recent curriculum that is industry-oriented. A specialised mentorship programme is made available to help students reach their academic goals.

Webinars: Because LPU Online believes that learning should be fun and participatory, they frequently organise webinars, guest lectures, and seminars by eminent business leaders and subject-matter experts. These interactive seminars enhance the educational process and educate students about the field by giving them the chance to learn from the best.

Assistance with Placement: LPU gives students a solid theoretical and practical grounding that prepares them for the workforce. LPU assists its students in finding employment by bringing in between 50 and 70 of the best businesses each year.

LMS: LPU Online provides a fantastic and powerful LMS with its mobile app enriched with exciting new interactive components for a successful and fun teaching-learning experience. You can set your own learning schedule for a seamless learning experience.

The overall programme fee for the LPU online MBA programme is INR 1,56,000. However, if you pay everything at once, you'll just owe INR 1,42,000 in total.

Available Specializations in Online MBA Programmes

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