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About M Tech For Working Professionals

M.Tech for Working Professionals is a postgraduate program of 2-years for designing gaduates. It is the course totally well-suited for the B Tech experts who are working right now yet have an energy to go for advanced education. As distance M.Tech is invalid, AICTE permitted colleges to direct M.Tech for working professionals. M Tech program for working experts is the course for the understudies who are at present utilized in the business. This AICTE supported course gives subtleties in different branches identified with designing. The subjects that you examined in B.Tech become your specializations in MTech.

Thus, M.tech admission for working professionals for the students who love engineering and want to gain knowledge about engineering in every possible detail. M.Tech course for working professionals is a degree that accelerates an engineer’s career as he would be getting a higher degree while he will be there in his industry gaining the experience. A degree of M.Tech for experienced professionals will help a working engineer to get a better salary package and promotion in the current company or a substantial amount of hike when he switches to the next opportunities.

By the Highlights

  • Average Duration:2 year
  • Average Fees: 80k- 3L INR Auunal INR
  • Exam Accept:Gate
  • Study Mode:Online

M.Tech is a long term postgraduate program in designing. During the term of two years, understudies are given excellent information on innovations. M.Tech upgrades the abilities of a competitor and makes that person expert in a specific region or field. To get induction into the M.Tech program, up-and-comers are expected to qualify the selection tests. M.Tech is essentially into two classifications - parttime and full time. While most M.Tech affirmations are finished based on the Door test, a few foundations likewise lead their own entry test or interview.

Learning Objectives

  • M Tech WILP (Work Integrated Learning Program)/ M.Tech for working professionals is the course that is approved by AICTE and is valid on terms.
  • Student with B.Tech degree are available to go to m tech for working professionals in India.
  • The program is designed for deeper knowledge about a specific subject and research in the subjects.
  • Gives the flexibility to the B.Tech graduates to go for higher education without leaving their current job.
  • This course helps the B.Tech and working professional to get promotions, high salary packages and higher pay rise.
  • This course also opens up the gates to the students who want to get doctoral degree such as PHD.

M.Tech for Working Professionals - Key Points

  • M.Tech WILP (Work-Integrated Learning Program) or M.Tech for Working Professionals is an AICTE-approved part-time engineering course
  • Students having a B.Tech degree may apply for an M.Tech WILP. The curriculum is designed to allow working professionals to pursue the course while maintaining their professional obligations.
  • This course is performed through weekend and vacation classes and practical sessions. Students can take advantage of extra services such as remote labs and practical sessions.
  • Some institutions provide students with access to an LMS where they can refer to class lectures as well as other facilities for self-assessment, quizzes, and so on.
  • According to AICTE standards, the duration of this course is 2 to 2.5 years.
  • This training is beneficial for engineers who are looking to advance their careers.
  • This course also prepares students to pursue doctoral degrees such as a Ph.D.

Eligibility for M.Tech for Working Professionals

Eligibility for M.Tech for Working Professionals or WILP M.Tech programs is differ from others. Admission to an M.Tech for Working Professionals course requires a B.E or B.Tech degree from a recognised university. Furthermore, it is ideal if the candidate has 1 to 3 years of engineering-related work experience. For this program, most universities in India require only working people with an engineering background.

Job Opportunities after M.Tech for Working Professionals

  • Students who complete the M.Tech working professionals degree are offered higher-level roles in the sector.
  • After receiving an M.Tech, one can work as a lecturer at prestigious engineering schools.
  • Executive Engineer, Researcher, Project Head, Maintenance Head of Department, R&D Head, and other positions in various top private companies.
  • Consultants and Research Scientists are two other work options for M.Tech grads.

Top Hiring Companies for M.Tech WILP (Work Integrated Learning Program) Graduates

HCL WIPRO Cognizent
IBM TCS Infosys

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